The Wonders of Technology

In the picture above I’m ordering sushi from a computer. So after i click on the food i want it comes to my table in a bout 2 minutes…pretty nifty eh? Growing up in Canada, we never had the demand for these high tech luxuries. But now in Singapore, there is no shortage of stylish, innovative and captivating high tech gadgets. I also so a cool advertisment in the subway station. You know how you have projectors showing ads on the floors or on the walls, well they have those but they are motion sensitive. so there was this one ad where u could wave your hand around these little peices in the ad and it would move! They also have a special escalator for your shopping carts! i don thave a picture of it but..yah pretty sweet. Ah Singapore, u never cease to amaze me.

FYI, im sitting with Hoan, an alumni from @UBC, hes working for PWC here in singapore.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Jess says:

    Wow, that’s pretty crazy!! I can’t imagine. I doubt I’ll find those in Sao Paulo, though I have promised to finally try sushi while I’m there šŸ˜‰
    (I’m horrible… I know…)

    Sounds like your having fun! Good luck!

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