Hello Singapore, Dave has arrived! I’ve been here exactly 24 hours now and I still haven’t come to terms that I’m here. It’ll definately take a while.

Anyways, I have some great people watching over me, especially Celine our alumni, and Sherina and Siew May from the MC in AIESEC Singapore. Best part so far…EATING!! AHHH more food, need it…but stomach hurting.

I’ll write some more later once I catch up on sleep.





5 thoughts on “

  1. Aiesec Victoria says:

    ok, technical advice: edit your pictures’ width to be “410” max so they’d fit the entry column. and while you do that i can daydream about the roti prata that you just ate the other night. hmmm….


  2. Patty says:

    haha..emil’s being a blog nazi. he really needs his pix to be 410, hence the @vic and @west’s blogs haha. I personally think its okay to cross the columns and lines…its what aiesec’s all about (ooo deep). And I like your food pictures big, they make me feel good inside.

  3. shirleym says:

    WOOOT for Singapore! 🙂 And woot woooot for binging on delish food. Glad you arrived safetly. Play nice with the other kids.

  4. fish says:

    hey!!!Dave~~~Singapore!! delicacy!!!oh, seems your life there is so enjoyable!!but…take good care of your stomach.
    unbelievable, now we are at the same time zone!

  5. Michelle says:

    wow Dave, we left China at the same time i don’t think i’ve even settled at home and you’re already in your next country! hope you’re loving it already!

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