Forgive me for the following melodramatics:

18 year of schooling has prepared me for this moment:

It’s only a few hours now until i leave. It’s weird not having any school to go back to. I guess part of the challenge now is the whole mentality shift from school boy to fresh intern. A lot of the assumptions and plans I have right at this moment will be challenged and will no doubt change in the following year. It seems right now that the future is not predictable as it once was, which in itself has an upside. Though it is reassuring and no doubt less stressful to live life in regular patter, it can (and uni does) get boring. Unpredictability, uncertainty presents itself an unsettling (no pun intended) lifestyle. However, it provides the splash of reality that an ignorant university student needs – Life is not easy.

How hard is it then?

This question haunts me.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Kimchi says:

    Hey Dave!

    Heard that there were a couple of issues, are you on the plane yet? It will be fun visiting you both one day 🙂 Hope I will manage!

    Have a safe trip and good luck, I hope the rest goes smooooooth!

    KIMCHI 😉

    PS: Yes, I totally appreciated the BEST HOSTING LC IN THE WORLD!!! – and I still miss it…

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