The Calm before (and after) the Storm

So I’ve finished my exams, cleaned out my room and started packing for Singpore. The last few days have been full of goodbyes and ‘final dinners’ and there’s still more left to go to probably. These next few days will be significant to me not because I’m going on a plane to another place which ive done many times, but because I’m going on a plane to the next phase in my life i believe. I can only image, worry, fantasize how it’ll be like.

I’ve decided to dedicate the future posts to all those undergrads waiting to graduate and get a job. I’ll talk about the joys and frustrations of a fresh graduate working in his first full time job. What does the companies keep you so busy with? What do people in the work force stress about instead of papers and exams? How do you adjust to the new lifestyle?

Here’s to ‘The Next Step’. Bring it on!


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  1. emil says:

    yess… that’d be great esp to people like who still have no idea what am i gonna do next year after my graduation. put emphasis on the “how to adjust” side!

    safe flight tomorrow. good luck for the visa re-application. your home lc already misses you. 🙂

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