David Goes to Singapore

Great news! I’ve been accepted to work in Singapore.

I’ve had my eye on Singapore ever since i found about DHL. But I’m not working in DHL (what! there are other internships in singapore that arent with DHL!?)

I will be working for a company called The EventGurus. The position is called Marketing and Events Executive (im not sure why they put an exec there…) and I’ll be busy planning marketing / promo events. Some of my duties will be training promotions reps, site visits, writing event reports. There a lot A LOT of responsibility in this position and a lot of managing type work in it too.

Oh yah, the duration is 2 years plus!

Right know i dont know what to feel…everything I’ve worked for in university (inside the classroom and out) has been towards finding a job. Feels strange to be done that part. Now its the hard part…keeping a job and excelling at it. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead!

I’m planning to leave around the end of April…and there will be, i regret to say, a good-bye party for me.

more to come


10 thoughts on “

  1. Pierre says:

    Always knew you’d find something that’s going to get the best out of you!!

    Have fun in Sipo! Maybe i’ll drop by and you can show me around the place.

    Cheers dude!

  2. Meaghan says:

    Congrats Dave! Singapore will be a blast (the job can’t hurt either)! Too bad we won’t meet up for a while, unless you come to Europe before August?!

  3. Johnny K. says:

    When I first saw that – I thought it was ‘EventGuns’…and I thought you were getting into something sketchy (that Melissa Tiro probably pulled you into).

    But alas, I was mistaken 😦

  4. Sophia says:

    Geeze, you are going to Singapore for work?! Good choice but why not to China? It’s only 7 hours flight away…:) I’ll try to visit and meet up in Oct!

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