Yah, i was looking through some old pictures and cards from last year. oh how it was a fun time. everyday was so busy, too busy i remember ;P and everyone was really happy always enjoyed each others time.

i remember newbies day. how i felt on top of the world at the end of that. it motivated me so much to contribute more.

i remember cultural dinners. man i love to eat! french, chinese, korean, sri lanken…my stomach was so happy!

i remember being elected lcp, boy did i feel the spotlight from then on πŸ˜€ heh i felt so important hehe.

i remember NC05. oh wow was that a stressful but freaking fun conference. we had 13 people from victoria. I had to dress up as a woman…the most screwd up day ever…i’ll never forget how embarrased i was.

i remember being stressed out of my mind to the point that i was crying. so much pressure, so many things to be done. I was convinced i couldnt do it all, but i still went for it. I’m glad i had someone there to support me during that hard time. i’m glad i had so many other supportive people to encourage me.

i remember how i visited jen’s office every other day and told her to ‘get back to work!’ i remember how she spammed out more than anyone in the lc!

It’s good to look back on the times past. Makes you appreciate what you have now.

I’m glad to have my LC. Everyone trusts eachother and really cares and looks out for eachother. Seeing the energy and excitement from Patty, Heikal, Min, Sys and all the other members just gives me warmth. I feel good seeing Emil and Sang run for LCP. I think i will always be a people orientated person. Interpersonal relationships become first before business. As much as i’d like to see more exchanges in the LC, im more than satisfied with how much members are being challenged in AIESEC. Theres a bright future ahead for everyone πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “

  1. n. says:

    here is my contribution to your blog, in the form of a comment. lol

    neways, it makes me think about what i’m going to go through (what a ride.. aiya..).. i don’t feel very important but i feel that i should be? i dunno, it’s a very weird transitional feeling like.. uhh what do i do now? when are you going to push me off the edge and see if i can fly?

    and the last part of course is an ‘awww’… as a certain ilo would say, “hugz*!”

  2. Kimchi says:

    yo dave….what happend to your blog? I miss you…especially the “GET BACK TO WORK” part πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having fun in China. Let me know whats going on!

    Love ya big time,
    jen πŸ™‚

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