Halloween Party at the AIESEC house!

Ah yes. It was also known as the “All-in-one Party‘: Mikes going away party, Emil and Marivic’s bday party, and Sys’s welcome party…and a Halloween party too.

I dressed as a German Shepard. I had a shepard’s costume and i pinned a german flag on me. Pretty corny eh? That’s my style!!

Tanveer was supposed to be a rocker. Marivic was the cute girl in the Tootsie Roll costume. Patty was a blonde cheerleader, and Mike was an asian tourist (ironically, he will be an asian tourist tomorrow when he arrives in HK for his internship.) Patty and Mike are part of the elite Colt (45) club. Those two crazy japanese guys with the painted faces are supposed to be Doraimon, a cartoon character. Oh yah, Emil dressed up as a 70’s casanova! Hot!

Anyways, this concludes my 2-day marathon of silly drinking. Next marathon…NC06.


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