seems life has calmed down a bit away from those huge highs and lows. This week was pretty much a high for me. but i forget why…hah, just a good feeling.

Anyways, i’m trying to figure out why some people can update their blogs almost daily…my life isn’t that interesting! well, maybe it is but i always forget to share it! hmm, let me think what i’ve done….

Oh yes. Yesterday i went to a high-tech fair to get contacts for companies for AIESEC. At first i was a bit nervous because my marketing skillz haven’t been in use for a month, but the first person i talked to totally boosted my confidence! Some guy from or something… at the time i didn’t know who they were but i saw a new paper article about their workplace culture and how it’s so relaxed (like most dot-com companies). Now i know they are big big, and they’re right here in victoria.

Oh yes, the big topic on everyones mind is…who will succeed me as LCP… Yah…hah nothing to say about that.

My mind is too random now. talk later.


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