Post WRC and Blahhhh

Ok, all I can say about WRC is that it was ROWDY! I had forgotten how loud conferences can be. I’ve heard from other AIESECers who have gotten to attend international conferences that Canadian conferences are loud and so full of energy! Cheering and dancing non-stop! What a workout! But aside from all that spirit, i talked to some newbies about my experiences and got to catch up with my national team (MC and the LCPs) as well as those other EBs. I loved the conversations i had. That’s what i’ll always enjoy, the calmess, the deep conversations people have. I don’t like it when i’m around a bunch of really drunk people and they do a lot of stupid things. Alcohol is great and all, but you can lose your respect with it. It’s sad to see some people i really look up to, drunk up their ass, and doing really stupid irresponsible things. (Araz doesn’t count. I will always look up to her. ) U can still have fun drinking a bit or non at all.

Post WRC
Post conferences are notorious for putting you ‘out of action’ for a week, depending on the length of the conference. After i got home, i slept for 2 hours after a weekend of only 8 hours of sleep. Tuesday, thank god i had no school then. BUT i had aiesec meetings. So no rest then. Shirley came for her LC visit. She is so awesome! She is both ultra friendly but also professional enough to give you her honest opinion. Unfortunately we were both really DEAD for the conference. We had no voice, no sleep and no energy, but still doing aiesec work pretty much all day. I wish i was more awake to have a ‘normal’ converstaion with her but i wasnt. I was getting sick and i needed some quiet time after the conference, which i didnt get until just now. Anways, to make things short, her visit was great and i learned a lot about my local reality. Go TEAM!

More to come. Happiness


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