Rest in Peace Ahmed Arshi
1981 – 2005

From Kurt

When an AIESECer falls, it's almost like losing family. Thats how I
feel today. I just hope that we can all remember so many of the great
qualities he held in life. He truly was a man of action and a real hero for
many many youth in this world.

Ahmed would not be happy with so many people mourning his death, for
him death was just another journey, his ticket was up, and we should find
comfort in knowing that he is truly in a better place, and that his
memory shall live on through every single person that he touched.

In Islam, this is the holy month of Ramadan, they say anyone that
passes during this month will truly be blessed in the light of God. I know
Ahmed is truly blessed.

I knew Ahmed because he was my roomate for WRC 2004 in Victoria. I remember he came early to Victoria to visit Chris and i met him as we were going to the conference. I remember how pumped he was to be coming to his first WRC and at the conference how he was so energetic. He told me once at night about all the great opportunities in Dubai and which was an amazing perceptive on the middle east.

I’ve never lost anyone so close in AIESEC (and as a friend) before. It’s a strange feeling im having now. Just reflecting. Life. It could end so early.

I’ll miss you man. Good bye


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