You know you are doing too much AIESEC work when:

1 – You go more to conferences, lectures, trainings, seminars, meetings etc, than to real parties.

2 – Listen to the music that your friends never heard of.

3 – You know how to dance that music.

4 – At college, when you have to do group work, you insist to open postulation to the OC.

5 – You call your mom and dad stakeholders.

6 – You speak more English than your mother language.

7 – You never give opinions, but offer inputs.

8 – You don’t accept gifts because they “don’t follow branding guidelines”.

9 – When you first think in the Holy Trinity, you think of @XP, Culture of Excellence and Branding.

10 – Your boyfriend or girlfriend is used to hear “ILY” instead of “I Love You”.

11 – All your friends are tired of saying “no, I don’t want to bring a trainee to my company”.

12 – Before kissing someone, you first wonder how many points she/he is worth, not if you like her/him.

13 – You got a small lecture ready for any time when anyone asks “what is AIESEC?”

14 – You make a PowerPoint presentation to convince your dad to give you more money.

15 – Ask to your friends “feedbacks” on how your haircut looks like.

16 – Answer your home phone like that: “[your name], AIESEC, good morning”

17 – Call your parents saying “Hi, here is [your name] from AIESEC”.

18 – When you have doubts in a school subject, you ask for the help of a mentor.

19 – In a wedding, you start to punch the table and shout “this is table number one, where is table number two?”

20 – Your MSN nickname is something like “John LCVP ER @PA BAZI People is cool – “I hate”

21 – 60% of your MSN friends have similar nicknames.

22 – Call “Alumnus” old school friends.

23 – Call old school friends gatherings as a “conference”.

24 – Insist to make an output of that “conference” for a planning of the future gatherings.

25 – In a party, talking to someone is “show interest”. Kissing is “matched”. Having sex is “realized”. Having sex again is “re-raised”.

26 – If you decide to not go to class, it’s a decision based on the credit policy.


27 – You and your friends constantly make ‘It’s up to you’ jokes.

28 – You’re actually answering those ‘Hey, I’m from AIESEC Jaipur and I need your MT and ET SN’s’ emails!

29 – You schedule your classes around AIESEC meetings.

30 – You divide your MSN contacts into AIESEC regional groups.

31 – You are interested in CSR.

32 – You schedule ‘coffee talks’ with your friends.

33 – You think Brodie (or any PAI) is a God.

34 – When you rent the movie “ET Come Home” and all you can think about is Educational Traineeships.

35 – When you’re packing for a conference and have to choose from 9 possible AIESEC shirts from 5 different countries.

36 – You can survive on 1 hour sleeps at conferences but can’t seem to do the same for your classes.

37 – When you change your electives to pick up another language, or international studies or relations.

38 – When you have a list of drinking games to play without even thinking hard.

39 – When you give a friend a lift to school and you end up talking about AIESEC recruitment.

40 – You know that it IS about the numbers.

41 – When you use an X and a Triangle to symbol exchange during notes taking in your classes.

42 – You wonder what Ernie’s girlfriend’s name is.

43 – When you learn about a new company and your mind is already imaging a trainee working inside.

44 – When you know and have more foreigners as friends than locals.

45 – When almost all your statements have words like ‘Basically, fluffy. random, awesome, sustainable, socially responsible, active learner etc.

46 – When asked for your occupation, you say : LCP.

47 – When you waste time trying to think up a new item for the list of ” You know you’re doing too much @work when..”

48 – It’s up to you to get the list longer.


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